What We know of COVID-19 as of 3/29/2020

I've been attending a lot of calls and online meetings with scientists and medical doctors in New York, Boston, and China regarding our current Pandemic and thought of sharing some of the info to hopefully increase our general understanding of this disease and reduce the spread of it and delay the peak. Feel free to share the info with who you think might be interested and benefit from it. As you are aware, this information can change any minute as we are learning more about this infection and I literally see new information coming out and new research papers being published on a daily basis, a lot from China since they are a few months ahead of us as well as Italy and there is great collaboration between the scientists all over the world. This information is up-to-date as of today, March 29. 2020.

SARS CoV 2 a.k.a COVID 19
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Pouya Shafipour, MD


Dr. Pouya Shapifour, MD Dr. Pouya Shafipour, MD Pouya Shafipour, MD, in Santa Monica, California, is a board-certified family medicine specialist with subspecialty training in a field of medicine known as bariatric or obesity medicine. He uses safe and effective medications in conjunction with dietary, nutritional, behavioral, and exercise counseling to manage obesity and medical conditions related to excessive weight gain or loss.

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